Superior Electric EKIT1 Electrical Connectors/Terminals Repair Kit w/plastic case + Crimper

Superior Electric EKIT1. Electrical Connectors/Terminals Repair Kit with 18 compartment plastic box and Automatic Wire Stripper. It includes:

2 packs of Closed End connectors, CE-2 for 16-14 AWG wires and CE-5 for 14-12 AWG wires, each 25 per pack. Crimpable Closed End Connectors can also be called crimp caps, closed end connectors, pigtail connectors, or crimp connectors. By whatever name, closed end connectors provide a quick and easy connection of wires.

2 packs of Spade/Fork Terminals, Y23 for 16-14 AWG wires and Y24 for 14-12 AWG wires, each 25 per pack. Spade Terminals are also called snap spades, spring spades, locking spade terminals, or fork terminals. By whatever name, our locking spade terminals allow for easy attachment and removal from connections.

2 packs of Copper Tinned Bare Ring Terminals, DR41 for 22-16 AWG and DR42 for 16-14 AWG wires, each 25 per pack. Ring terminals or eyelet terminals are used for termination of wires, our ring terminals are made from pure electrolytic copper. Butted seam-construction prevents our ring terminals from splitting under maximum pressure.

2 packs of Female Push-On Connectors, D28(small) and D63(large), each for 16-14 AWG wires. Both comes in 25 per pack. Female push-on terminals come in a variety of names such as female disconnects, female push on connectors, female slide on terminals, and female connectors. By whatever name, their design allows for a quick and easy way to connect and disconnect wires.


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2 packs of Wire Nut Connectors, E1(6.5mm, Grey color) and E2(7.5mm, Blue color), each for 22-18 AWG wires. Both comes in 25 per pack. Wire Nuts can also be called twist wire connectors, twist nuts, or wire twist nuts. Whichever, their tight, square-wire spring makes quick, secure connections for positive continuity.

2 packs of Butt Splice Wire Connectors, BC2(small, red in color) for 22-16 AWG wires and BC3(medium, blue in color) for 16-14 AWG wires. Both comes in 25 per pack.

1 Professional quality wire stripper with tension adjuster, CR3. Wire Stripper is a handy invention for removing insulation from electrical wire. Jaws adjust automatically to wire size. Pincer pulls insulation off with one hand-squeeze. Steel and PVC construction. Lightweight and simple to us.

1 18 Compartment Box, PB. The kit comes in this strong and convenient box.

CE-2 & CE-5 Features:
  • Crimp Caps are an excellent low cost means for making connections between two or more conductors
  • Insert is electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance on all our crimpable closed end connectors
  • Crimp Connectors can not "Back-Off" the wires as screw on type can
  • All Closed End Connectors meet or exceed UL and CSA standards
CE-2 Specifications:
  • Terminal Type: Close End Connector
  • Insulation Type: Nylon
  • Color: Clear
  • Max. Voltage: 300V
  • Max. Temp.: 221 Degree F
Y23 & Y24 Features:
  • Locking spades insulation has a flared entry for easier wire insertion
  • All spade terminals are industry standard for easier use
  • All spade terminals meet or exceed UL and CSA specifications
Y23 & Y24 Specifications:
  • Terminal Type: Standard Fork / Spade
  • Max. Voltage: 600V
D41 & DR42 Features:
  • All our ring terminals are industry standard
  • Our ring terminals are Electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance
  • Funneled chamfered entrance for easy wire insertion into ring terminal
  • All ring terminals are annealed for maximum strength
  • Ring terminals have a deep internal “V” groove to promote wire grip and current flow
  • All ring terminals are UL and CSA approved
D41 & DR42 Specifications:
  • Terminal Type: Standard Ring
  • Max. Voltage: 600V
D28 & D63 Features:
  • All male/ female terminals provide a quick and easy disconnection of wires
  • All Male / Female Disconnects meet or exceed UL and CSA standards
  • Certified for 600V building wire and 1,000V signs and lighting fixtures (lumaniries)
D28 & D63 Specifications:
  • Terminal Type: Standard Push On
  • Max. Voltage: 600V
E1 & E2 Features:
  • Tough, thermoplastic shell shields against environmental extremes
  • Resists chemical action from hydrocarbons, dilute acids, or alkaline solutions
  • Flame-retardant properties resist heat distortion up to 221 degrees. High-dielectric shell features a deep skirt design to prevent exposure of bare wire
  • For copper to copper connections only
  • Twist Nuts make an excellent low cost means for making connections between two or more conductors
  • All Wire Nuts are UL listed
E1 & E2 Specifications:
  • ConnectorType: Standard Wire Nut / Twist-On
  • Max. Voltage: 300V
CR3 Features:
  • Wire Stripper 7 Inch Long
  • Upto 14mm
  • Cut and peel in one operation
PB 18 Compartment Box Specifications:
  • 8” Long x 4-1/2” wide x 1-3/8” high
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Model# EKIT1
UPC 099461750852
Brand Superior Electric

California Proposition 65

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