Superior Electric SW57 Magnetic On-Off Switch, 120V

Featuring sealed buttons and spade type terminals, the SW57 Snap in Magnetic Safety Switch makes for an ideal replacement for a wide range of equipment. Input and output connections have been clearly marked so you can easily make connections with insulated spade terminals. The switch also sports n-volt-release technology to keep the machine and operator safe if power is interrupted. Comes with a dust cover to enhance long term durability while also having positive action push type buttons.

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  • Comes with sealed buttons and spade type terminals
  • Switch rated for 120V, 16 Amps
  • Compatible with induction motors up to 1.1kW (1.5hp) and brush motors up to 1.9kW
  • Sports 4 terminal NVR switch
  • Mounting Size: 0.875" (7/8") x 1.875" (1 7/8")
  • Ideal replacement for a range of woodworking machines
  • Connections are clearly marked for quick and easy connection
  • Dust cover improves durability
  • Positive action push type buttons
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Model# SW57
UPC 099461755536

California Proposition 65

Brand Superior Electric
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