Superior Electric K41 Aftermarket Japanese Carbon Brush Set Fits Makita Power Tools replaces Makita CB340, CB336, 191974-7, CB-318, 195396-3 & 191978-9 (2 per pack)


Model Number :  K41

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Superior Electric K41 Replacement Carbon Brush Set. This carbon brush set replaces Makita P/N  CB340, CB336, 191974-7, CB-318, 195396-3 & 191978-9. Made from Japanese Toyo TANSO Carbon. Carbon Brushes are normally referred to as wear items and commonly replaced due to friction during daily use in motors. Superior Electric carbon brush is made to last longer. These carbon brushes make sure your motor runs properly, and fixes a motor that operates intermittently.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 0.62" x 0.42" x 0.19"

This part is compatible with:


  • BO6040 Sander
  • 9565CV Angle Grinder
  • 9560CV Angle Grinder
  • 9561CV Angle Grinder
  • 9563CV Grinder
  • 9564CV Angle Grinder
  • 9564CVL Angle Grinder
  • GD0800C Die Grinder
  • GD0810C Die Grinder
  • 9564 Angle Grinder
  • 9565 Angle Grinder
  • 9566CV Cut Off Angle Grinder
  • PW5001C Wet Stone Polisher
  • 9566PC 6" SJS Cutoff / Angle Grinder
  • 9565PC 5" SJS Angle Grinder
  • 9564PC 4-1/2" SJS Angle Grinder
  • SG1250 Electric Saw